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Who is the greatest person that history has forgotten?


Who is the greatest person that history has forgotten? That’s a tough question to answer, and one that has intrigued thinkers for centuries. Some people say it’s Socrates. Others might say it’s Alexander the Great. But regardless of who you think it is, there’s a good chance you could be right. In this blog post, we will explore the idea of the “forgotten great” and why they are so fascinating. From their stories and personalities to their impact on history, read on to learn more about these underrated figures.

Who is the greatest person that history has forgotten?

Some argue that the greatest person that history has forgotten is Jesus Christ. Others say it isARCHIMEDES. There are many who would put their own candidate at the top of this list, but regardless of who you think is the greatest, it’s clear that nobody has ever surpassed his or her predecessors in terms of influence and importance. Here are five reasons why Jesus Christ may be the greatest person that history has forgotten:

1) He was a revolutionary. Christ founded Christianity, which was a radical departure from the beliefs of his contemporaries. His teachings called for love, compassion, and justice—values that still resonate today.

2) He healed people. Christ not only preached forgiveness and salvation but also showed Himself to be a powerful healer with supernatural abilities. Through Him, thousands were saved from death and brought back to life.

3) He calmed storms. Christ’s arrival on earth provoked such fear among the pagan leaders that they tried to kill Him multiple times. Nevertheless, even in the face of great danger, He managed to soothe and calm the seas, heal crippled children, and cast out demons.

4) He inspired great empires. Christians became some of Rome’s most powerful allies during its rise to power; without them, it is likely that Emperor Constantine would never have become emperor in the first place. Likewise, Christianity greatly influenced both Islam and Judaism—two of the world’s major religions today—even though both founders died long before their doctrines became

The Case for Adolf Hitler

There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler was one of the most significant and influential figures in world history. He rose to power in Germany as a result of his tireless efforts and charismatic leadership, ultimately leading his country to become one of the most powerful forces in Europe. While his policies and actions during World War II have been widely condemned, it is difficult to deny his role in shaping the course of history.

Hitler was a gifted orator who could appeal to both the common man and the elite alike. He was also a skilled political strategist, able to seize control of Germany after years of political turmoil. His aggressive military strategy led Germany to victory over all its opponents, culminating in Nazi control over much of Europe.

Despite these impressive accomplishments, it is difficult to place Adolf Hitler on the same level as some of history’s greatest people. Some argue that he was simply a product of his time, while others point out that he carried out some egregious crimes against humanity. However, taken as a whole, Adolf Hitler’s life and career are worthy of consideration among the greatest individuals that history has ever known.

The Case for Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is often cited as the greatest person that history has forgotten. He was a leader of the Indian independence movement, and helped lead India to its independence from British rule in 1947. Gandhi was also a campaigner for civil rights, pacifism, and self-reliance. His philosophy of nonviolent resistance helped inspire movements around the world. Despite his successes, Gandhi remained largely unknown outside of India until his death in 1948.

The Case for Nelson Mandela

The Case for Nelson Mandela
Looking back at history, it is clear that Nelson Mandela is the greatest person that history has forgotten. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the African National Congress (ANC) and spent 27 years in prison before becoming president of South Africa in 1994. Despite being held in jail for so long, he never lost his spirit or his belief in human rights. In fact, Mandela’s time in prison helped to strengthen the ANC and make them a more powerful political force.

Mandela was also a remarkable leader outside of prison. When he became president of South Africa, he faced an extremely difficult task: transforming a country that was still controlled by white people into one that was fully democratic and equal for all races. However, Mandela led South Africa through some very difficult times, including the HIV/AIDS pandemic and chronic unemployment.

Despite all of this, Mandela is most remembered for his role in ending apartheid in South Africa. He championed peaceful protests and worked tirelessly to build support among the South African population. Ultimately, his efforts paid off when the repeal of apartheid was passed by parliament in 1994.

Mandela is not only an exceptional individual; he is also one of history’s great examples of forgiveness and reconciliation. After years of suffering at the hands of government officials, Mandela showed incredible compassion and forgiveness towards those who had hurt him throughout his life. This helped him to rebuild relationships with many key members of the ANC –

The Case for John Lennon

The Case for John Lennon

There is no one greater that history has forgotten. John Lennon was a revolutionary and a true artist. He was ahead of his time and had a unique style that set him apart from the rest. He wrote amazing songs that reflect his personal experiences and convey messages of peace, love, and hope to his fans. He was also an incredible performer who wowed audiences with his skillful guitar playing and powerful vocals. John Lennon was an amazing person who will always be remembered fondly by those who knew him best.


This is a difficult question to answer, as there are so many incredible people who have left their mark on history. But based off of what we know and have read, I believe that one person who could easily be considered the greatest person that history has forgotten is Leonardo da Vinci. With his inventive ideas, masterful artwork, and groundbreaking scientific discoveries, he was truly a genius of the ages. If you haven’t heard of him yet, please do yourself a favor and explore all that he has accomplished.



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