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What is the meaning of the blue ribbon on the Wikipedia logo?

The blue ribbon is one of Wikipedia’s most recognizable symbols. It’s been around since 2002 and has appeared on many of Wikipedia’s most famous articles, such as the encyclopedic entry for the Vietnam War. What is the meaning of the blue ribbon? And why is it featured prominently on Wikipedia’s logo? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and explore some of the history behind it.

What is the Blue Ribbon on the Wikipedia Logo?

The blue ribbon on the Wikipedia logo is a symbol of recognition by the Wikimedia Foundation, one of the organizations that make up the Wikimedia movement. It is displayed on official Wikimedia Foundation websites and images in order to “promote awareness and appreciation for notable works of knowledge”. The blue ribbon was originally created in 2004 as part of an advertising campaign by WPP Group.[1]

The History of the Blue Ribbon on the Wikipedia Logo

The blue ribbon is one of Wikipedia’s most recognizable features. It was first used on the wiki’s main page in 2002, and has been retained as part of the Wikipedia logo ever since. The blue ribbon typically indicates that a article or section is an excellent resource, and has been carefully reviewed by knowledgeable editors.

The meaning of the blue ribbon has evolved over time. Initially, it indicated that an article was well-written and sourced, and aimed to provide accurate information to readers. Today, it is seen as an indication of quality content on Wikipedia. This reputation has helped to ensure that the content of Wikipedia remains reliable and extensive.

What Does the Blue Ribbon Mean?

The blue ribbon is the symbol of the Wikimedia Foundation, and has been since 2003. It is typically used as a visual identifier for projects funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, such as Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects. The intention behind it was to create a badge of honour that Projects could wear, akin to the logo of a non-profit organization.

The blue ribbon is also sometimes used as a way to communicate with other Wikimedia projects, especially when discussing controversial changes or merger proposals. For example, in 2009, when negotiations were taking place between the Wikimedia Foundation and Citizendium over whether to merge their projects, both groups displayed blue ribbons on their websites in support of their respective positions.


The blue ribbon on Wikipedia’s logo is a symbol of recognition used by the Wikimedia Foundation. The blue ribbon signifies an article or page that has been reviewed and passed “peer review”– meaning that it was evaluated for accuracy by at least two experts in the subject matter. The idea is to ensure that articles on Wikipedia are as reliable and accurate as possible, since they represent the collective knowledge of many people.



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