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When did you know your parents were one of the good ones?

When we think back to the people who have had a major impact on our lives, our parents automatically come to mind. They are the people who we look up to, the people who have taught us about life and love. And in many ways, they are the people who made us the people we are today. So when did you know your parents were one of the good ones? If you’re like most people, it probably didn’t hit you until later in life. But that doesn’t mean your parents weren’t good from the start. In fact, they may have done some pretty amazing things while raising you—things that you never even knew about! So if you’re wondering what made your parents stand out from the pack, read on for a list of traits that make them great parents. And remember: no matter what kind of parent you have, always be grateful for them.

When did you first realize that your parents were good people?

It was tough growing up without my dad, but I knew he was one of the good ones. He always put others first and would go out of his way to help anyone in need. Even when I was just a little kid, I could tell he loved me and cared about me. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized how much he actually did for me. Without him, I may not have had the strength to fight through some of the tough times in my life. Thanks, Dad!

What made your parents good people?

I always knew my parents were good people. They always put others before themselves and showed me the importance of empathy and compassion. They never judged me or tried to change me, and they always supported my decisions. I owe a lot of my character traits to them!

What are the qualities of a good person?

There are many qualities that make up a good person, but some of the most important ones include empathy, kindness, and forgiveness. These are traits that are often passed down from parent to child – and sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is a good person or not.

One way to determine whether or not someone is a good person is by looking at how they treat others. If someone is kind and caring towards other people, it’s likely that they’re also compassionate and forgiving. Conversely, if someone is mean and hurtful to others, it’s likely that they’re not very sympathetic or understanding.

Ultimately, being a good person requires more than just being kind and compassionate; it also requires having empathy for others and being able to forgive them for their mistakes. These qualities can be learned over time – but it’s definitely something worth striving for!

How can you be like your parents?

There’s no easy answer when it comes to figuring out when you realized that your parents were one of the good ones. For some, it may have been as soon as they demonstrated a genuine interest in their children’s well-being, even going above and beyond what was necessary. Others may have noticed more subtle signs over time – moments where your parents put their own needs last and went out of their way to help out a loved one, for example. But whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that knowing your parents are great people is an incredibly rewarding feeling.


For many people, their parents are undoubtedly one of the most important people in their lives. They were there when we were born and raised, often sacrificing a great deal for us. On behalf of all the kids out there who grew up without great parental examples, I wanted to write this article in the hope that it can help someone realize that they are not alone – plenty of other kids go through tough times with their folks. Even if your parents aren’t perfect by any means, know that they do love you very much and want what is best for you.

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