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What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced?

Everyone has their own definition of culture shock, and it may vary from person to person. But in general, culture shock is a feeling of disbelief or bewilderment when you first arrive in a new place. This can manifest itself in many ways, and it’s usually accompanied by some level of anxiety. However, there are ways to prepare for and cope with culture shock, so be sure to read on for tips. ###

Meeting new people

The biggest culture shock I have ever faced was when I moved to the United States. The difference in the way people interact and dress is astounding. Everything seems so fast-paced and full of energy.

Changing your daily routine

There are many different cultures out there and each one has its own customs and ways of doing things. Some people may find it difficult to adjust to new lifestyles, while others may find that their daily routine is completely overturned. Regardless of the culture shock you experience, here are five common ones.

1. Eating habits: In some cultures, it is customary to eat with your hands whereas in others, eating with utensils is the norm. This can be a big adjustment for those who are used to using utensils when dining out or cooking at home.

2. Sleeping habits: There are many different types of sleep schedules across cultures, from people who wake up early in the morning to those who like to stay up late into the night. If you’re used to sleeping in until noon or later, adjusting to a new bedtime can be tricky.

3. Clothing: In some cultures, clothing is usually very conservative and modest; in others, women wear whatever they want and men wear whatever they feel comfortable in. This can be a big adjustment for people who are used to dressing modestly or wearing traditional clothing in their home countries.

4. Social norms: It’s common for people from different cultures to behave differently around one another based on social norms. For example, it’s considered polite in some cultures to kiss someone on the cheek rather than shake hands when meeting them for the first time.

5. Language barriers: Even if

Living in a new place

In my previous city, there was always some kind of traffic noise or somebody’s TV or stereo playing. In Japan, all you hear is the sound of the wind or water. It’s really peaceful and relaxing.

Another big culture shock for me was the way people dress. In my previous city, everyone would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt even in winter. But in Japan, everyone dresses very formally all the time. For example, women wear knee-length skirts and blouses with their hair pulled back in a bun, and men wear jackets and ties even in summer.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle

When I first moved to the States, I had no idea what to expect. The biggest culture shock was how fast people move here – it feels like everyone is always on the go. And speaking English is definitely a challenge!


Culture shock can come in all shapes and sizes, but the biggest one that I have ever faced was when I moved to Japan. It was a big change for me – from living in an English-speaking country to living in a country where the majority of people speak Japanese and don’t understand a word that I say. If you are thinking of traveling outside your comfort zone, then embracing culture shock might just be the challenge for you!



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