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what happened on Bigg Boss 15 this week

This week on the Bigg Boss 15 written update, we saw a lot of fighting and drama. Rohan was in a bad mood after his fight with Siddharth and things just got worse when he found out that Siddharth had been messaging Karuna. Things came to a head when Karuna accused Rohan of harassing her, leading to a physical altercation. Things didn’t get much better for Rohan from there as he was then evicted from the house. On the plus side, Arshi finally revealed her true colours and Kalki finally got some closure with Rahul. read on to find out all the latest news from the house!

The Final 3 Housemates

The Final 3 Housemates are almost out of options and they have to figure out a way to get rid of each other. They still haven’t come to any consensus on who should go home.

Karan and Divya continue to argue while Rishabh tries his best to mediate between the two. Meanwhile, Arvind is doing everything he can to get votes from the housemates. But there’s one person in the house that seems to be against him–Aarti.

Poornima’s Confession

Poornima is feeling guilty about her past and wants to confess her wrongdoings to the others in the house. She comes up with a plan to do so and tells them that she has something important to share with them. They all gather around her as she begins to speak.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done in the past. I was wrong and I know it. I’ve been hurt by people in the past, and I lashed out at you guys because of it. I didn’t mean to hurt any of you, and I’m sorry for what I did.”

She goes on to say that she’s learned a lot since coming into the house and she wants to change for the better. She asks them forgiveness and promises that she’ll never do anything like this again. They all accept her apology and offer their support as she moves forward with her new life.

Meanwhile, Chintan starts to get suspicious of Neha and her interactions with Tarun, so he decides to confront her about it.

Raghav Calls Priyanka a ‘Troll’

Priyanka seems to have finally got over her anger against Raghav. After the latter called her a “troll” during the task, Priyanka decided it was time to put things behind them. While speaking to ANI, she said, “Raghav is a dear friend and I stand by him. I apologise for my earlier behaviour.”

Clearly, this reconciliation has come as a relief to both of them as they move forward together. However, one can’t help but wonder if things would’ve been different if Priyanka had spoken up when she first received the ‘troll’ comment from Raghav. Hindustan Times reports that the actress had lodged a complaint with Bigg Boss producers about Raghav’s behaviour but nothing came of it.

Regardless of what could’ve happened, Priyanka and Raghav seem to be on good terms now and that’s all that matters!

Mahima Gets into a Fight with Ishita

Mahima is having a tough time this week. She has been arguing with Ishita continuously, and things have got to a point where the two of them have nearly come to blows.Things came to a head when Mahima refused to leave her room for dinner tonight, and Ishita snapped. The fight that followed was intense, but luckily it was all caught on camera.

It’s clear that Mahima isn’t coping well in the Bigg Boss House right now. She’s angry and frustrated, and she seems to be lash out at everyone around her.

The Biggest Threat to the House Is Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is considered one of the world’s most successful actors, with over 500 films to his name. However, his success has come at a cost, with Shah Rukh frequently criticised for his antics on and off screen.

The biggest threat to Shah Rukh Khan’s House is his ongoing legal battle with Aamir Khan, who he accuses of poaching him away from the now defunct TV network Star Plus. This legal battle has caused serious financial problems for both men and is set to continue until one of them dies or bankruptcy intervenes.

However, Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest threat may not be from outside sources but from within his own family. His son Abhishek recently announced that he plans to step away from the entertainment industry and focus on his studies. If Abhishek follows through with this decision, it will be a major blow to Shah Rukh’s empire, as he is the only heir apparent.

The eviction is finally announced!

Finally, the eviction is announced! The six housemates will be put up for a public vote and one will be eliminated on November 27. This week’s challenge is to make a three-course meal in just one hour.

The first course is omelette with green pepper and tomato sauce. Third course is dessert – chocolate mousse with praline ice cream.

As predicted, Anu wins the public vote and she’s safe from elimination this week Preeti makes a mess of her dish and ends up in last place so she’s also safe this week. Poor Hina has been struggling in the kitchen all season and her dish doesn’t impress anyone so she’s also safe this week.

Who wins the Bigg Boss 15?

Here’s a look at who is likely to walk away as the champion:

1) Hina Khan – The fitness instructor has been consistent in her performance throughout the season and her strong relationships with other contestants make her a formidable opponent.

2) Varun Thakur – The business head has steadily climbed up the leaderboard and his antics have made him a hit with fans. His battle against Hina might just be too much for the latter to handle.

3) Manish Malhotra – The fashion designer has been one of the most entertaining contestants this year, with his unique sense of style. He also has some strong alliances within the house which could work in his favour come Friday night.

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Finally, the week has come to a close! Here’s what happened on Bigg Boss 15 this week: Amit was noticeably tense and irritable from the start of the day. Things got even worse when Rannvijay decided to take matters into his own hands and started questioning everyone’s decisions.Sunil was also unhappy with all of the drama, but he managed to hold it together until finally breaking down under pressure later that night.



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