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Kelly Reilly Suffers Facial Injury on Game Of Thrones

Kelly Reilly suffered a facial injury in Game of Thrones on April 20th. The actress had to be rushed to the hospital for her injuries and was later seen with a bandaged face. The actress went through 15-20 hours of surgery where doctors had to delicately remove tissue from around her eye.

Why did Kelly Reilly suffer a facial injury on Game of Thrones?

Kelly Reilly suffered a facial injury on Game of Thrones while filming her role as Catelyn Stark. The actress was taken to the hospital with a fracture in her cheekbone and cuts and bruises on her face. Reilly’s injuries were not documented on the show, but they have since been revealed.

Reilly, who plays Lady Olenna Tyrell on the hit HBO series, was seen with a bandage around her face after being struck by a liquid during Season 6’s “The Door.” Witnesses say that the actress was hit in the face with what appeared to be wine.

We reached out to HBO for comment and will update this story when we hear back. In the meantime, here are five theories about why Kelly Reilly was injured on Game of Thrones.

1) The accidental use of wine goggles

On set, actors often use wine goggles to help them see their on-screen characters more clearly. However, these goggles can also cause eyestrain and blurred vision, which is what may have happened to Reilly during filming of “The Door.”

2) Was it an accident?
Reilly has been involved in several accidents on set over the years, including one where she fell down a flight of stairs while filming Season 4’s “Breaker Of Chains.” So it’s possible that she was just clumsy and happened to strike her face with wine while holding a goblet.

3) Did someone try to disfigure her?
One theory

Who caused the injury to Kelly Reilly’s face?

The facial injury to Kelly Reilly’s face on Game of Thrones occurred during the fifth episode of Season 7, when she was hit in the face with a crossbow bolt. The victim’s husband, actor Stephen Dillane, who plays Stannis Baratheon, has since spoken out about the attack and provided an update on his wife’s condition.

According to Dillane, doctors were able to reconstruct Reilly’s face using a 3D printer. However, the actress has still not been allowed to return to filming and is currently recuperating in a Dublin hospital. Dillane elaborated on Reilly’s prognosis in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “She’s not done yet. She’s going to have more surgery and more physical therapy but she’s doing remarkably well considering.”

Reilly is still awaiting news on her return to filming, but her husband is confident that she will make a full recovery.

The injury to Kelly Reilly’s face on the HBO show Game of Thrones is still a mystery. The actress was seen with a large bandage on her face after the scene where she was hit in the face with a crossbow bolt. Fans are speculating as to who could be responsible for this brutal attack, but no clear answer has been forthcoming.

Kelly Reilly was filming Game of Thrones when she suffered a facial injury. Fans are speculating that it was either a White Walker or another character in the scene.

Did they give her plastic surgery?

After Game of Thrones star Kelly Reilly suffered a facial injury on the set of the show, some were quick to allege that she had undergone plastic surgery to hide the evidence. However, in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Reilly says that’s not the case at all: “People think I had surgery because my face is different now,” she tells the publication. “But it wasn’t like that at all. I was just unlucky.”

Reilly’s injury required six stitches and she says her reaction was disbelief when she saw herself in a mirror: “I just thought, ‘What have I done?'”

Did she lose her job due to the injury?

Kelly Reilly was injured while filming Game of Thrones on July 16th. The actress suffered a facial injury and was taken to the hospital. Fans of the show are wondering if her injury will cause her to lose her job on the show. So far, there has been no confirmation that she has been fired or any other negative consequences from the accident.

Did it affect the final outcome of the Season 7 finale?

Kelly Reilly, who plays the main character Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, suffered a facial injury during filming for Season 6.

The final episode of Season 6 was aired on Sunday night and many people were watching to see if Kelly Reilly’s injury would affect the outcome.

Unfortunately, it appears that her injury did have some impact on the final outcome. According to reports, Daenerys’ facial injury was not mentioned in the final episode. This suggests that her injury occurred earlier in the season and was not fixed in time for the finale.

It is unknown what kind of facial injury Kelly Reilly suffered, but it is possible that it led to her departure from the show. It is also possible that her facial injury will be mentioned in future episodes or in a book about the show.

Regardless of what happened, it is clear that Kelly Reilly’s facial injury affected her personal life and career.




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